Blushed sky !

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So wide &
So blue is the sky ;
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Rhythmic nature…

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The song ..
Remains unsung..

Instruments unstring ,
The wind passing by ..
Touching my soul ,

Still words aren’t placed rightly !
Roaming here & there
Throughout my rhythm
And soul ..
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Life cycle..

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Life is like sky;
Sometimes clear
And sometimes cloudy;

Sometimes it cries
Like the rain ..
And thunders with storms !

Sometimes it smiles ,
Shines bright ,
Like the lemon sunshine ..

Life is like a season !
Dull like the icy winter ,
But soon finds out the way;
Towards the arrival
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Sweetest dream !


My dreams of every night,
Starts with you ,
And ends up in you !

I’m dreaming of you ,
With my eyes opened ,
And when I go to sleep!

It’s like ..
You become my fancy !
My desire ,
And in some extent ;
My reality too !

Thinking of you every time,
Is no more waste of time !
Smiling secretly ,
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Nature’s call …


Going to the earth !
Says the sun ..
Giving the letter to the earth ..
Written by the lemon sunshine ..

Going to the earth..
Says the rain ..
Sending the clouds ,
In the wide open blue sky ..

The rain pours ,
Sunshine blushes !
The river sparkles
Flower blooms ..

Opening her arms
With her all beauty and charms..
The dear nature called me up,
To come closer
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Monsoon tale ..

The breezy air
Opened her clip ;
The procession of merriness
Crossing over my soul ..
And I’m happily hugging
My desires !
Dreaming with the open wide eyes!
There’s a charm within the atmosphere..
There’s a charm within me ..
Lively I am!
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