Song of my Heart!!

Now in the walls of air
With the alphabet of Sun rays;
I’ll write a lot of cherry letters to you.

When I peep into the books
Or into the doors or Windows;
All tells me the tale of you and I .

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Back to December!

Going back to December, is a walk to remember,

No I wasn’t a dreamer but just a mere admirer!


I don’t understand what you did to me!

I smile without knowing and began dreaming.

Your One smile is enough to make my little world wide with exploding fireworks like fireflies.

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Is it just a start?

Gazing up in the sky

Full of starlight,

I wonder about the changes

When they meet like two lovers,

Clash onto each other,

Holding and breaking together,

Moulding onto something further..

Are we like them??

Why do I feel you’re the Comet of my life?

Since you’re the Star,

Does that mean Am I the Earth??

You’re the Change, when we exchange;

Even though out of courtesy,

My life was boring yet easy.

You’re the storm,

On the surface of my Heart.

Is it just a start???

The Blank space…

Sorry.. I know..

I just make you wait,

For quite some time!

Although don’t you blame me

For the confusion!


We both knew,

What’s the fuss!!


Can’t believe

It’s just..



You know

I know..

How we hate each other!


How the hell

The sparks can fly???

Between us…

Oh My God!!

It’s happening..

They say….

Opposites finds

The attraction!!!!


We know we’re Nightmares

Dressed up as Daydreams….


It’s gonna be forever

Or gonna be for fun time..

We are in the Rover..

Taking it way too far…


We know that

The feelings are Mutual!

Though we don’t

Talk about it


Hey… Yeah…

We admit each other..

That could survive..

The blank space

In hearts

Filled With the colours….

Of Me And You!